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We are thrilled to welcome you to the world of personalized nutrition, where your health and well-being take center stage. At Blackburn Drug, we are now able to offer a customized vitamin supplement tailored specifically to your unique needs. The one size fits all approaches to health rarely deliver the results we desire. Having to take a handful of pills everyday is not convenient for anyone, and who isn't tired of having to travel with 10 bottles of vitamins. There are a lot of us that invest in high end supplements and don't want to take them everyday.  That's where our individualized powdered vitamin supplement comes in. Enter Wellara, a supplement that is tailored exclusively to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Here's what you can expect from your personalized vitamin supplement:

  • Customized Formulation: Your supplement is created based on a comprehensive analysis of your health profile, including current medications.
  • Quality Ingredients: The finest ingredients to ensure that your supplement is of the highest quality, free from unnecessary additives or fillers.
  • Convenience and Simplicity: Taking your personalized supplement is a breeze with one daily scoop. This will avoid unnecessary fillers going into your body (up to 90 pounds per year) and a handful of pills daily.

          I have been very excited for this product to come to life, and be able to offer all of your supplements in one scoop. I got mine first to try and make sure it was perfect, and it is! I enjoy mine by mixing it with protein, fruits and veggies, and coconut milk in the morning for a perfect start to the day. Everyone should give this a shot and see how you feel.

Scan the QR code below to download the Wellara app and make sure to enter Blackburn Drug as your pharmacy to get started. Reach out to us with any concerns or issues you may have.


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