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Nano Silver Gel

Nano Silver Gel

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Treat your skin to the natural and soothing effects of SilverCeuticals Nano-Silver Gel. Apply it daily anywhere on the face and body to help soften, soothe, hydrate, and promote natural healing.

This unique silver technology works in three different ways, allowing it to outperform other silvers that have up to 300 times the quantity of silver. It also doesn't stop working the entire time it's inside your body.

It is incredibly safe, exits the body within 24 hours, and won't harm probiotics.

Harnessing our 32 ppm strength Nano-Silver, it quickly calms and cools the skin providing relief that can last for hours. It's safe and can be used by infants and adults alike on even the most sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and can even be used under makeup.

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